Even Greeks need a day of rest. We’re open six days a week but currently never on Sunday. However, if you’re looking for your fix of Greek culture, go to Google Play Movies or Amazon and rent the 1960 cult classic “Never On Sunday.”

Filmed in black-and-white, “Never On Sunday” is a romantic comedy film about what happens when a Greek prostitute meets up with a conservative American in Piraeus, Greece. One might compare it to “Pygmalion” or a non-musical version of “My Fair Lady” submerged in Greek culture, including dance, music, and language (through the use of subtitles). The theme song and the bouzouki theme of the movie became hits of the 1960s and brought the composer, Manos Hadjidakis, an Academy Award.

Homer, the American, may have thought Illia, the prostitute to be a firm example of the degradation of Greece but that’s far from the truth. And, like Eliza for Henry Higgins, the girl of the night falls deeply into his heart.

The title comes from Illia’s own ‘hours of operations’ where on Sundays she has an open house with food, drink and song.

So, if you’re seeking a Sunday complete with Sun, Beach, Dock Workers, Prostitutes, Tourists, Greek Music and Greek food - remember Mezes Greek Grill isn’t currently open on Sunday. Instead, put your feet up, open a bottle of Ouzo, eat some Kalamata olives and dip some fresh bread in Extra Virgin Olive Oil while enjoying a classic of a movie and remember, ‘Never On Sunday.”

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