Now that we’ve re-branded the website, we’re also introducing a new addition to the site: the Mezes Blog.

This weekly blog will focus on a variety of topics including:

  • What it’s like to be an authentic Greek,
  • Our favorite Greek recipes,
  • How to speak Greek - or at least how to say your favorite food in Greek, and
  • Fun Frivolous Facts about Greeks, Greece and Grease.

Our blogs will be presented by a variety of characters, so let’s get to know them.

As they say, ladies first. So, allow me to introduce you to my sister - in fact my twin sister - Aphrodite. She and I are recent University of Michigan graduates who know what students and professionals in Ann Arbor like. Our family has been in the Greek restaurant business for almost half a century. Ever hear of Cottage Inn Pizza? Now we are excited to offer top-quality street food using the best ingredients in our newest restaurant.

Next, what’s a restaurant without a cook. Stavros is the man behind, correction, in front of the grill. His recipes are authentic. Stavros, like the rest of us, retain a close contact with our heritage and relatives in Greece. Although Aphrodite and I are first generation born, Stavros arrived on the mainland four years ago.

The third person who will assist in blogging the authentic Greek grill story is Stathi. Stathi is also a member of the family, by marriage to our cousin. He is a man who we can’t live without- every restaurant needs a chef. Stathi labors day in and day out preparing the meat, vegetables, pastries, etc which we cook and serve to our customers.

And me, like in any successful circus, I like to think of myself as the ringmaster. I, just like everyone else, will have my own unique take on the blog posts.

So subscribe to our feed. From time to time, we’ll hide a special offer to our readers within the blog itself. Then come by often to enjoy a Gyro - an authentic Greek Gryo made of hand-stacked (not pressed) beef and lamb.

The bright sun, the blue sea, the white islands, the dancing and the great food!

We’ve brought it all to you.

An authentic taste of Greece is right across from the Diag.

Raise your head from your books or your phone and stop in for real Greek food.

In the building next to Moes. You Can't miss us!

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