Summer’s coming and once again, it’s time to try something new!

Like the sauteed shrimp Gyro bowl and the tuna salad sandwich during the lenten season, now we’re going to experiment with summer smoke.

Smoking Lamb isn’t anything new but a freshly smoked lamb dish isn’t a readily available meal here in Ann Arbor. And Malcom Reed’s video shows us it’s not too terribly hard prepare and smoke a whole boneless leg of lamb but it is a little time consuming.

So why not skip the need to purchase one of those high-end smokers from outlets like Traeger Wood Fired Grills and simply stop into Mezes Greek Grill for lunch or dinner?

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Finally, if you’re really hell-bent on enjoying that Saturday BBQ soaking in the sun and beer while waiting for your food to reach temp, here’s a nice Greek Style Bone-In Leg of Lamb recipe from Traeger.

Enjoy! And see you soon.

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