Happy Birthday To Us!

September 17

Mezes Greek Grill started its third year of business.

For many, it would conjure up the age old phrase “Terrible Two’s”.

But not for us, we’re excited to be entering our third year of business, and thank all the students, faculty, families and locals who have come by over the years and enjoyed our Authentic Greek street food.

We can say, hands down, that your most favorite meal has been not only our handstacked lamb/beef Gyros but all the Greek street food style Gyros featuring a few of the handcut french fries. This pita sandwich is then followed up closely by our bowl, whether lamb/beef or chicken, it’s a toss up!

Since the 17th was a football Saturday we celebrated our anniversary on Monday the 19th to an overwhelming crowd of smiling faces all day. For those who had subscribed to our email it list, it was their chance to win a Gyros a day for the rest of the semester.

More to come

We’re baking up some new ideas in the test kitchens for this coming year.

Some will make it to the front counter, and some won’t.

Ideas like offering Bakaliaros Skordalia as a new meat option or Gyros bowl options like hummus, lettuce or quinoa instead of JUST rice.

Help us celebrate our third year in business often, there’s plenty on the menu to choose from, plenty of conversation to have, and endless happiness for all.

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