#The European’s have it right.

Even four weeks isn’t really enough time for a true vacation.

The first part of the summer vacation ran us through Italy, Rome to be exact. It was there that we came upon our new favorite summer beverage, a Spritz. It’s a simple, refreshing drink featuring Champagne or a sparkling-wine like Prosecco, Aperol, and Tonic. We first came across the cocktail at the bar in Tivoli, and when I say ‘the bar’ I mean “The Bar” that was it’s name. Good drinks, great atmosphere and mellow music.

On evenings when we didn’t go for a Spritz, we’d get a bottle of wine, sit around the piazza, and listen to music with the other locals and tourists. A great way to chill.

When in Greece, we wanted to do as the Romans do so we asked for a Spritz. We learned more about the cocktail and that it was a 70’s favorite in the village. We’re proud that we’re part of the new generation bringing back a cultural favorite.

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