If you have stopped into virtually any department store lately, you’ve seen the displays for Halloween. On the latest trip to one of the big box stores with my four year old son I asked him what he wanted to be for the holiday?

An Authentic Greek

I laughed and said:

You’re already that by blood.

But since he can’t just run around the streets in his birthday suit yelling “trick or treat” when we got home we started looking up traditional Greek costumes.

There were three types that stood out:

  • Traditional ancient Greek garment known today as the toga
  • Traditional folk or popular outfit called the fustanella
  • Traditional Spartan

When I researched the ancient Greek clothing styles

  • Chiton
  • Peplos
  • Himation, and
  • Chlamys

I learned that these clothes were mainly homemade, and often served many purposes (such as bedding). This got me excited as I know where the Bedding section is in Target already.

The folk outfit was going to be a little more difficult as it contained a pleated skirt or kilt. I’m good at making authentic Greek food but my pleating is a little out of practice.

Finally, I passed over the Spartan costume. A four years of age, he doesn’t quite have the definition of Gerard Butler when he starred in 300.

My boy hasn’t decided on what he wants to wear yet, in fact, when we were watching TV he pointed about a Star Trek costume - in fact it was Spock. This might be a possibility as he has the dark hair and those naturally groomed eyebrows but the ears.

Hmmm, pleating or prosthetics?

Well, not to worry about it too much now there are still many weeks left and I’m sure he’ll develop other ideas during that time.

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