The vote is in and you prefer to eat your Gyros in a Pita versus a Bowl.

  • Now this doesn’t mean you can’t have it your way
  • Nor does it just mean four more years of Pita
  • But it might mean you find your Gyros to be finger-licking good

It is believed that Gyros, or the grilling of meat on a vertical spit then cutting slices off was developed sometime during the 19th century, although our ancestors have been grilling meat on a skewer for millennium.

And we don’t intend to stop making this great Authentic Greek street food anytime soon.

You can stop in many times and enjoy a Gyros as you like it. Ask for it:

  • □ In a Pita
  • □ In a Bowl with Rice
  • □ In a Bowl with Hummus
  • □ As Lamb / Beef
  • □ As Chicken
  • □ As Pork
  • □ With Tzatziki
  • □ With Spicy Feta
  • □ With Mustard Aoli, or go BIG and ask for it with

No matter how you like it, we’ll continue to spin hand-stacked lamb/beef and chicken spits on our rotisserie awaiting your visit.

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