Man cannot live by Pita alone.

Maybe not, but with the variety of Pita you’re surely able to find your favorite appetizer, entree or dessert.

The Greeks use Pita interchangeably to represent different types of bread, cakes and pies.

Although Pita becomes an inherent part of the dish’s name, it’s much like a sandwich consisting of one or more food types, some are sweet, some are savory, some are spicy but all are good.

Here’s a short list of some tasty Pita pieces:

  • Kolokythopita (pumpkin),
  • Mizithropita (mizithra cheese),
  • Melintzanopita (eggplant),
  • Tsouknidopita (Urtica leaves),
  • Kremydopita (onion),
  • Kreatopita (meat pie),
  • Galatopita (cream),
  • Marathopita (fennel),
  • Tyropita (cheese egg),
  • Spanakopita (spinach),
  • Ladopita (dessert!).
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