Many people think these four-week excursions are solely for vacation but I like to think they’re about work.

Afterall, while in Greece I picked two new techniques to help enhance the current authentic Greek street food we offer.

First, let’s talk Tzatziki. It’s in the yogurt. Homemade yogurt makes the difference. Therefore, that’s what we’ll do. Additionally, fresh garlic - not powder - is now used to provide that strong, pungent, heated taste. Want to know how to serve Tzatziki besides how Mezes dishes it up? Here’s some pins posted on Pinterest showing a variety of uses.

Next, in Monemvasia we went to a restaurant and witnessed how they made gyros. Their unique approach threw pita directly on the hot irons. It was a faster cook, more crunchy and better flavor wrap. Preparing in this manner keeps pita hotter longer. It’s a simple process, now adopted at Mezes:

  1. Oil the outside
  2. Chargrill it soft
  3. Make it hot but not stiff

A few other enhancements to our gyros includes eliminating lettuce and adding more fires.

Cooking is an art, and with each artist there is a new twist, a new technique that keeps the craft alive and can be passed to the next generation, and their unique approach.

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