When you're out and about, there is a good chance you'll encounter someone you know or have met in the past. If you are in a hurry you might be tempted to pretend not to see or hear the other person. If you don’t acknowledge them, you might be labeled as anti-social, a tag which may tag-along with you for a time. Simple etiquette suggests that it's a good idea to be friendly and, at least, offer a greeting.

How to greet:

  • Good morning! Kaliméra Καλημέρα
  • Good afternoon! Kaló apógevma Kαλό απόγευμα
  • Good evening! Kalispéra Καλησπέρα
  • Good night! Kaliníkhta Καληνύχτα

When to greet:

  • Morning: Midnight - Noon
  • Afternoon: Noon - Evening
    • Evening? Evening is the period of time near the end of the day, usually from 6:00PM to nighttime. Evening can be characterized by the Sun lowering towards the horizon.
  • Night: Evening - Midnight

What to do:

When you see someone, it's good form to:

  • Start with a smile.
  • Extend your hand.
  • Verbally address.

It is always nice to have some ready responses for the times when you see familiar faces, or if you’re walking into a Greek establishment and want them to think you part of the family. If you have time, stop and chat - now, that can be in English.

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