Lessons A, B, & C taught you how to ask for a meal when ordering in a Greek restaurant by giving you the pronunciation for Gyro, Dolmaldes and Tzatziki.

But what if you’re out eating with a group of friends at a beautiful village cafe situated just meters from the Mediterranean Sea and you want to place an order?

Do you order 5 Gyros by:

  1. holding up five fingers in the waiter’s face?
  2. pointing at each of your friends and saying “Gyro, Gryo, Gryo, Gryo, Gyro”?
  3. by saying pénte gyros parakaló?

Well let’s hope you have selected C, and here’s how you count to ten in Greek:

0= Μηδέν = Miden (mee-DEN)

1= Ένα = Ena (EN-a)

2= Δύο = Dyo (DEE-o)

3= Τρία = Tria (TREE-a)

4= Τέσσερα = Tessera (TESS-eh-ra)

5= Πέντε = Pente (PEN-day)

6= Έξι = Exi (EX-ee)

7= επτά = Epta (ef-ta)

8= οκτώ = Octo (oc-TOH)

9= εννέα = Ennea (en-NAY-ah)

10= Δέκα = Deka (DEK-a)


In this edition, I am also going to give you a special treat, and that’s because you asked nicely. And when you want to ask for something nicely when in Greece (or Mezes) simply use:

parakaló, the Greek word for please meaning to ask, pray, beg, request or urge.

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