First, how do you spell it? Dolmathes, Dolmades or Dolmadakia?

Well, two out of the three ways listed above are correct:

  • Dolmades
  • Dolmadakia

Now, how do you say it?


And finally, how do you eat it?

Okay, some of you probably have never eaten grape leaves in your entire life! The word “dolma” means ‘to be stuffed.’ The grape leaves are typically stuffed with rice, herbs, seasonings, and meat, and cooked in a large pan with some lemon juice, stock or water, and oil.

You do eat the grape leaves in dolmades. The leaves are selected for edibility - and they are so tender and delectable. They should not be too young (fragile) or too old (tough), and they should be of medium size. Also, it is best to make sure that they are 'organic' and that the vines have not been sprayed with insecticide. Vines are usually sprayed because no one anticipates the fact that the leaves will be eaten. There are many recipes from many traditions for dolmas on the web.

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