Just as Google started out as the name of a search engine for the world wide web and has now become a word for searching itself. So its seems that Gyros has become the name of a sandwich, wrapped in pita and served with yogurt sauce. Thanks Arbys.

Whereas you can put just about anything in a pita wrap from meats, vegetables, cheeses, sauces and, heck, even a hot dog, an authentic Gyros should be made from it’s namesake, the rotisserie.

Mostly, we’re familiar with the press lamb / beef combination created during the early 20th century in Chicago, but any meat from the rotisserie - lamb, lamb / beef, chicken, pork, etc, and placed within the grilled pita alongside tzatziki or some other sauce and a mix of vegetables is a Gyros.

Heck, using Oscar Mayer ham in your pita wrap and calling it a Gyros is like using the BING search site and saying you’re going to ‘Google’ ‘the right way to make a gyros’. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

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