Been home for six weeks now, the vacation tan is all but faded.

Looking forward to the long holiday weekend (editor note: Mezes is closed for Labor Day).

Upon my return, a friend mentioned that it seems all the authentic Greeks in Ann Arbor head back to the homeland for their summer vacation. Yea, I guess it is true for quite a few of us here in A2 and many of us are from the same or nearby villages.

He then asked, but where do Greeks go?

LIke us, the residents of Athens seem to leave home and go back to their home villages or the beautiful Greek island or seashore vacation spots: Peloponnese, Macedonia, Crete, Thraki and Epirus.

A 2014 Trivago survey, as reported in the Greek Reporter, indicated that Crete was the top vacation destination of Greeks with Skopelos coming in second. Fortunately, our little village, Lakonia, didn’t score and we like it that way.

To finally close on the topic, he finally asked me if Greeks travelled outside the country during their holiday.

C’mon - no one from Greece leaves for another country, I mean, why would they?

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