Our family has property on the Lakonian Gulf near the village of Elea.
Elea is a small port with beautiful beaches. It sits at an altitude of 10 meters. In short, ELEA (Village) belongs to MOLAI (Municipality) which belongs to EPIDAVROS LIMIRAS (Province)which belongs to LACONIA (Prefecture) which belongs to PELOPONISSOS (Region) which belongs to GREECE (Country).

Ok, enough already with the geography lesson.

Each year our family travels back to spend weeks basking in the beauty that is the Mediterranean. After our first year in business, this summer was no different, except that I now had an additional thirst. Not just one to quench the heat of the summer nights but that of knowledge.

Mezes Greek Grill serves authentic Greek food like you’d find in a village, our village. And who better to help me ensure that we’re putting our best foot forward then one of the local chefs.

I had one goal, to find out “what needs to be done to keep the Gyro meat moist as it rotates on the skewer?”

Our village may be small, but their is no lack of those ‘chefs’ who had an opinion, and I wasn’t afraid to ask. I spent time going between street vendors, restaurants, family members and a sunbather at our beach (I’ll leave that story for anothr blog).

Needless to say, I think once all the questioning, gathering of information and processing those suggestions was put in place, we have succeeded in providing the Ann Arbor community a moist beef and lamb Gyro as a sandwich, bowl or plate.

What?! You thought I’d give away our secret in this blog? Not gonna happen but drop in and see how, when a village works together, we all benefit.

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