In part 1 of the series “How Greeks Eat” we left off finishing the midday meal and, to help digest and continue to escape the heat of the day, enjoyed a Siesta which normally lasts from 2-5pm.

Back To Work

Around 5:30pm or so some shops and business would then re-open until 8.30ish. As businesses re-open, some people return to work whereas others may go out shopping, enjoying the cooler evening weather in the summer months.

Tea Time

Once work is finished it time for Tea - Vrathino - and the evening meal about 8.30 - 9.00pm. This would be a lighter meal than the midday dinner.

For us in America, it may seem like breakfast. Home cooks may opt to make an omelette, some baked or steamed vegetables or a simple village salad with feta, all enjoyed with crusty Greek bread. Dessert may feature Galactoboureko or another delight they have picked up during the day or simply some Greek yogurt, with honey and pistachios.


If they are eating out, well that’s a celebration! Greeks would rarely turn up at a taverna before 9pm, in the summer it could be as late as 10 or 11pm. Lunch would have been the lighter meal and dinner would become an all out feast with plates and plates of appetizers, salads and mains for all to share.

The Greeks will make a night of it once they are out, eating and drinking for hours. Taverna owners expect this, and are not standing over them waiting for them to leave at 11.00pm like they do in other countries!

However, over time lifestyles have changed.

Today for Greeks working in urban areas it is no longer convenient to stop work for 2-3 hours to eat and siesta and return. Now Greece is becoming more mainstream and conforms to European hours, not closing during the day and remaining open later in the evening.

This lifestyle change affects how Greeks eat.

Although they haven’t turned completely turned to fast food and frozen microwavable products, many are now bringing food from home while still enjoying a hearty night on the town after work.

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