Three On A Plate

First pick out a few of the fries. Now you’ll know it’s an Authentic Greek Gyro IF there are fries inside the wrap. If there aren’t any, well, you’re not at Mezes.

Then carefully peel the foil wrapper at it’s top corner down just far enough so you can bend your head around and under the pita and its meat and vegetables. The foil is your friend.

Continue this process until you get to the last bite. Pull that last bite slowly out of what is left of the foil cone because it is dripping with all the mixture of juices and sauces. Put the foil near your chin, and quickly pop it into mouth so as not to lose any of the drippings or drip any on your shirt.

Here’s what other people say:

  • Try to stuff as much as you can into your mouth without letting too much of the meat spill out.
  • Like a soft taco.
  • Soft taco works most of the time. Pinch it near the back more though. Dig out a few pieces with a fork if it's overstuffed and if the Tzatziki's really runny or if eating it on the go leave the foil on and roll it down as you eat.
  • Rip off pieces and eat it. Starting from the left then right.

Finally, one writer states:

Eating a Gyros is like having a party in your mouth, while inducing high levels of anxiety. Then there is like the one bite in the whole process that is the perfect mix of meat, vegetables, pita and sauce (and that’s what keeps me coming back for more).

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