Some fast food restaurants in Greece have a familiar feel - like the Golden Arches, which is not one of the famous antiquities.

"Goodies" is by far the largest fast food chain in Greece, but you don't have to try too hard to also find the typical western fast food restaurants everywhere in Greece.

Have it the Greek way

Mc Donalds and KFC have restaurants in every large town in Greece. Similar to many of these fast food chains around the world, the menus of the Greek Mc Donald's and KFC are vastly different from their American counterparts. You can even order beer with your meal. American fast food chains take advantage of the local delicacies (such as octopus and squid) and full dishes of pasta. Since the service and food are vastly expanded the prices of these fast food restaurants are high as well.

Not only a chain

Enjoying Greek fast food means ‘eating on the run.’ These meals include a variety of pies and many small stores specialize in selling fresh individual-size cheese pies, spinach pies, and "bougatsa". Many people eat them, as they are inexpensive and it seems as if cheese pies are the favorite fast food in Greece. Greeks usually eat them between meals, but they are rich enough to be substitute lunch and they certainly make a good breakfast.

The "Toast"

The term "toast" in Greece refers to what is known in the USA as a grilled sandwich which you can find at the local "tostadiko". A great product to grab on the go, a real Fast Food item.

Be careful, if you’re seeking an American breakfast and you order a "toast" you will most likely get a grilled cheese sandwich often with ham (even at 8:00 AM). It’s no Egg Mc Muffin but a great way start to your day.

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