We arrived in our village of Lakonia, our carriage was waiting. In 2013, we shipped over an American Jeep Liberty 4x4 V6 4.2L which proudly gets 11mpg and stares from those on the street and from the second story window that would make any prom queen jealous.

When we weren’t bantering about the mountainous countryside, most of what we did was eat food, sit on the beach, played cards and, in my case, lost at backgammon.

Beaches are a daily mainstay on the coast. In our case, we had three nearby from which to choose.

Port Beach is shallow from the shore. This helps provide calm, warm water. A drawback is the amount of families and their little children. Hmmm, perhaps there is another reason the water is warm. A great feature though for those families is the water instructor who offers swimming lessons at 20 EUR per day.

The Cove Beach is about half a kilometer away but a wholly different experience. The beach has sand but is undercut with rocks and seaweed. The best timing for water enjoyment is between 10 am and 2pm because once the wind changes sometime after 2 pm that calm water gets churned up. If you get there after 2 pm, don’t dismay, there are servers on the beach to bring you beverages and food to help you enjoy the hot Grecian air.

For us, there is yet the final option when it comes to deciding which beach to visit on any given day. We call it, the Private Inlet Cove Beach and it is only accessible from the Eleas Castle compound. One drawback is there are no servers, but in opposition to the negative there are

  • No Kids
  • No Families
  • Warm Water like a jacuzzi, and
  • Good energy!

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