The holidays are fast approaching, along with many a holiday feast. In our Greek family, every Sunday is a feast.

For many around the world, holidays are the only time when families make the opportunity to gather together around a large dining table and break bread together.

In our family, every Sunday is a holiday.

The preparation may have started days in advance but the real cooking, and community, starts right after church.

The women are in the kitchen working on the final preparations for the pasta dishes like Pastitsio or Kapama and the salads whether Greek or Macaroni. They are also plating their work from the week before of the Dolmades and Spanakopita alongside the desserts including Baklava, Galaktoboureko and sliced fruits.

The men work outside spinning the lamb and beef over a hot fire, whether in a fire pit or in a large brick grill while drinking Ouzo, telling stories and smoking stogies.

When it comes together, it’s a feast for hungry eyes, and stomachs. And when we eat, it’s a buffet of laughter and memories.

As you contemplate this holiday season, a time when the aunts and uncles, cousins, and in-laws and just those close to your family gather, you too can enjoy an Authentic Greek Feast without all the hassle. Mezes Greek Grill has been catering parties, meetings, tailgates and holidays since we opened.

So, step out of the kitchen and away from the fire. Enjoy a glass of vino or bottle of beer or a Manhattan on the rocks and spend time with those close to you. Let Mezes create the buffet of food and you create the buffet of memories.

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