We’re proud to be family owned and operated.

Ann Arbor Authentic

Ann Arbor Born and Bred

We’re also proud to be the authentic Greek restaurant since the Parthenon sadly closed its doors over on Main Street.

But Main Street will soon once again have an new establishment to join the family of authentic Greek proprietors.

You might think we shouldn’t be so excited to have additional competition. We don’t look at it that way. We look at this as a further expansion in our vision to provide great Greek food, great AUTHENTIC Greek food to the Ann Arbor community.

Greek Blood Flows

Back in our small village near Laconia the cafes are a stone’s throw from one another each with their own unique flavor satisfying their patrons yearnings for that day.

With Ann Arbor such a melting pot of cultures due to the University student and faculty population there are always those who are new to the area and seeking their favorite flavors - we cater to them. And there is a great community whom we call regulars - we thank them.

There is also an enclave of patrons who are seeking out that next NEW flavor. Some think that they have eaten Greek - Gyros booths at the State Fair, for example. But authentic Greek food is:

  • prepared fresh,
  • prepared using local sources - like meat from Sparrow Meat,
  • prepared by the loving hands of first generation Greeks - Greek whose blood still runs rich with the olive oil of the region.

To this group of flavor seekers - we welcome you. Come in and try our hand-stacked lamb and beef Gyros meat in a bowl, on a pita or in a salad.

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